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Video: Wiz Talks Collabos w/ Big Sean, Curren$y

This is a cool video of Wiz making some comments regarding the five brand new songs he put out over the course of a week with the homies Spitta and Big Sean.  These songs were pretty dope and had a real How Fly vibe to ‘em and I was hoping this would turn into a mixtape that dropped a single at a time.  Although, Big Sean has hinted at the fact that he is back to making mixtapes since the album dropped so these songs might end up on whatever Big Sean ends up droppin.  Either way I love it and I respect all three of them for keeping in touch with their fans by releasing so much free music.  This shows they haven’t forgotten what got them where they are.  Anyways, I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna throw on some How Fly.

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